Real ID Document Checklist


1.    You will need to provide proof of lawful presence. Please select ONE document from the list below:


*Certified Birth Certificate (will not accept wallet size card or hospital certificates)

*Unexpired U. S. Passport or U. S. Passport Card


2.    You must provide proof of your social security number. Please select ONE document from the list below. Name must match document provided from number one above.


*Social Security Card

*Current W-2 or 1099 (must have full social security number listed—if only the last 4 digits are listed, it will not be accepted.


3.    You must provide proof of Kansas residency. The following are a few examples of documents that can be used to prove Kansas residency:


*Renewal Postcard

*Vehicle Registration

*Utility Bill


4.    If your name has changed from what is presented for lawful presence in number one above (due to adoption, marriage, divorce, court ordered name change), or is not the same on all of your documents, you must provide proof of the name change. The following are a few documents that will be accepted to prove a legal name change:


*Certified Marriage License

*Divorce Decree

*Legal adoption paperwork

*Any court ordered or legal name change documents


PLEASE NOTE:  Laminated documents and photocopies will not be accepted